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Tonya Dykes


My name is Tonya Dykes and I founded HPEH to help people experiencing difficult times maintain a normal life. My goal is to help as many homeless veterans as possible to find permanent solutions. Many of these individuals are in these circumstances at no fault of their own but due to life’s circumstances such as wars, PTSD, 9/11, fires, hurricanes or other catastrophes they simply didn’t have resources to recover. The experience of feeling sympathy for the less fortunate run strong through my southern bloodline and turning my back isn’t an option. I’ve asked myself, “Where is their family? How did they get to such despair? What can I do to help?” Through many discussions I’ve heard about great job skills but because of their current situation of living on the streets and maintaining with little to no money, they are unable to find and sustain employment.

Chantilly Wells

Chantilly Wells


As a recent MBA graduate in non-profit organizations, the need for help appears to be endless. HPEH has developed a plan to move forward the less fortunate to finding employment, housing and many resources.Your generosity expressed through your contributions will be used for the betterment of Detroit’s less fortunate. We have many men who need our services and our will and determination to make a difference in their lives.