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Helping People Experiencing Hardships (HPEH) was established to assist Detroit’s most vulnerable citizens who have found themselves financially unable to provide for themselves. In 2013, we began with feeding between 75 to 150 people hot meals two to three times a week, as well as provided hygiene products, socks and warm clothing once a week. Since its inception HPEH has provided more than 15,600 hot meals every year to the homeless, senior and low income citizens.

Hypothermia is a real concern for those not living in the comfort of a warm home and if exposed to extreme temperatures, their body temperature may drop below 95 degrees and could require immediate emergency attention. As winter approaches, hypothermia is a real fear for the homeless population making it impossible to to resist the harsh weather. The Center for The Disease Control and Prevention reported that from 1991 to 2011, a total of 16, 911 deaths in the United States, an average of 1,301 per year were associated with exposure to excessive, natural cold. The highest yearly total of hypothermia-related deaths were among males.

An annual survey of the homeless found 8,638 people in Michigan who were homeless on a single night in 2020, a .7% increase from 2019, though veteran homelessness was up by nearly 7%. The survey counted 639 homeless veterans in Michigan, which is a jump of 6.7% over January 2019. The report shows 1,589 homeless individuals in the Detroit area, including 351 under age 18.

HPEh has sponsored over 100 families for Christmas, tutored children, purchased backpacks and filled them with supplies for low income families and anticipate our efforts to reach tens of thousands more in the upcoming years. No citizen should have to compromise eating a healthy meal, rationing medication or not having warm clothing. The most important aspect of our mission is to provide nourishment through hot home cooked meals and deliver them to our low income residents and seniors during the winter months. We are in need of sponsors to provide financial support because we are predominantly self funded and unable to help on the larger scale.

While our efforts have provided many less fortunate individuals some relief, there is still a lot of work to be done. We will start our hot meal servings for Thanksgiving and every week thereafter1. Your donations will be utilized to provide hot nutrition, warm clothing, hygiene products, warming blankets, tents and many other daily necessities.